The Universal Education School runs three schools in India, at Sarnath, Bodhgaya, and Singhpur. The schools, based on the Alice Project methodology, focus on developing a sustainable environment and a culture of peace. Although the schools respect all spiritual paths, the students are introduced to the practice of meditation and the Buddhist concepts of emptiness and compassion in a highly integrated fashion. They also have an opportunity to connect to the Buddhist lineage through shrine rooms and temples on the school grounds. Every morning in Sarnath, more than a thousand students gather to meditate and recite prayers for the benefit of beings, including the mantra of Bodhisattva Kshitigarbha and the Kuntuzangpo prayer to prevent earthquakes and natural disasters. Founder Valentino Giacomin has developed an innovative method of teaching, and the school’s library is filled with books that he wrote and published himself. A Khyentse Foundation Ashoka Grant helped fund the printing and distribution of several of his books, as well as thangka images of Khistigarbha’s mantra and booklets of the Kuntuzangpo prayer to offer to the students. Last October, KF also sponsored the video recording of founder Valentino conducting a teacher training at the school with a group of visiting French teachers to transmit his distinct style of teaching. We rejoice in Valentino’s lifelong dedication and commitment to education.