Asha Pillai-Balsara 

Board of Directors, and India Program Committee

Asha started her career as a management consultant and facilitator in the corporate and nonprofit worlds. Her work involved training in areas such as management effectiveness, leadership, team building, and personal effectiveness. She also worked with students as a career counsellor. She has a postgraduate degree in personnel management and is a certified MBTI practitioner. She is currently the executive director of WCCL Foundation, where her major area of work and interest has been integrating and highlighting the Indian Mind Traditions in the foundation’s courses, and bringing those traditions back to the daily life of people in simple and practical ways. Asha met Rinpoche in 2006 and under his guidance, a long with her team, has engaged in various Dharma activities in Pune. She is a visiting faculty member at the University of Pune, where she teaches the course “Applied Mahayana Buddhist Psychology & Ethics.” She lives in Pune, India, with her husband Zubin and son Amay.


9月 28, 2015

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